Furthermore, there are only a few lakes at the Lower Lakes. Plitvice Lakes National Park can be reached from Karlovac exit in the north, from Otočac exit in the west or Gornja Ploča exit in the south.[11]. The Ottomans advanced far into Western lands up to Croatia and Hungary. The Ottomans succeeded several times to gain control over the area of the Plitvice Lakes for shorter periods. So, whether you are starting your day by entrance #2 and want to get to the Lower Lakes, or you need to get back to entrance #2 at the end of the day, ST2 will have you covered. Read on to learn more about Plitvice and all the important spots throughout the beautiful national park. Both of these boat rides can also be done in the reverse direction depending on what route you decide to take when visiting Plitvice. The trail up top is part of Route K, and these viewpoints can be reached from either direction. The name comes from agitated waterflow in small scars which make noise or "boil". The name originates from water whirling downward in the middle of the lake. They are also a refuge for many animal species. You can arrive the night before and get yourself all prepared for an early morning wakeup. Tufa barriers are the result of continuous sedimentation processes along natural thresholds. If you want to go to P3, you first must go to P1. It is just a short ride between P2 and P1, as you get to enjoy a little time out on the water. This disturbs the chemical balance and causes precipitation of the carbonates, which then creates sedimentary deposits. At the ground of Lake Kozjak a constant yearly sedimentation of 0,8 millimeters during the past 3,000 years has been ascertained. Comparable phenomena to those prevailing at the Plitvice Lakes exist at Rastoke (Slunj), at the Krka National Park, at the rivers Una and the Pliva in Bosnia and Herzegovina and at the Krushuna Falls in Bulgaria. The park authorities have therefore begun systematic removal of excessive vegetation along the barriers. In March 1991 it became the scene of the Plitvice Lakes incident (also called the "Plitvice Bloody Easter"), the first armed confrontation of the Croatian War of Independence that resulted in fatalities. The foundation was made of travertine rock.[9]. Essentially, the park is split into two main parts – the Lower Lakes (near Entrance 1 on the right hand side of the map) and the Upper Lakes (near Entrance 2 on the left hand side). The following example for different water temperatures measured on July 7, 1954 demonstrates large temperature differences within the lakes: Within lake Kozjak at the depth of 4 m a temperature of 18.9 °C (66 °F) has been measured. Plitvice Lakes National Park in the heart of Croatia is the oldest and the most thriving national park. The area of a river, in which the formation of tufa occurs, is called precipitation area. You can spend some time on the lesser walked routes, head up to the viewpoint areas, or just spend some time just sitting by some of the lakes. Below are some more details about each one. Have fun out there and safe travels! Apart from the trout, common minnows (Phoxinus phoxinus) are also found. Plitvicka Jezera (Plitvice Lakes) is Croatia’s well known national park. Successively, the Ostrogoths took over the rule. The shortest linear distance between the Adriatic coast and the national park is 55 km (34 mi). Most lake names stem from true events.[9][46][47]. The areas of the neighborly tribes of the Pannonians, the Liburnians and Dalmatians were united into the province of Dalmatia. The Plitvice Lakes became a major tourist attraction in the late 19th century. (ed.) Humans have inhabited the Plitvice Lakes area for thousands of years. Plitvice Lakes National Park Map. The foaming water creates ever growing and impressive waterfalls. Consolidated tufa. Some 157 species have been counted, of which 70 have been recorded as breeding there. The general average annual temperature is 7.9 °C (46 °F). Also inscribed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, its landscape of cascading lakes is made up of high-altitude karsts shaped by glacial, hydrological and tectonic activity. [22], The precipitation of calcium carbonate, however, does not occur right at the springs of the rivers that flow into the Plitvice Lakes. From an aerial perspective, significant differences between the terrain of the Upper and the Lower Plitvice Lakes can be observed. The national park became famous during the 1960s and 1970s through several Western film productions of Karl May novels. The typical feature of this karst area is brittle or porous rock, mostly limestone or dolomite. ", Measurements of carbon dioxide quantities in the water show that they correspond with continuous sedimentation processes in the Plitvice Lakes area. Staying within walking distance (or short drive away if you have a car), of Plitvice Lakes National Park would be my recommendation when visiting the area. At first sight, a lack of water in the karst region could be ascertained. The ecologically sensitive dams … The national park is located at the national route D1 Zagreb–Split between Slunj and Korenica in the vicinity of Bosnia and Herzegovina. [18] Since sedimentation only occurs under warm, humid climate conditions, these phenomena have only been occurring since the end of the last ice age. These lakes are also the deepest, with a depth of 37 and 47 metres (121 and 154 ft) respectively. Entrance #2 can be found of the left hand side of the map, and is the main starting point for the Upper Lakes section of Plitvice. Fell back under Habsburg rule been created about this mythic mountain range travelers the! On top of that though you can find a few Lakes at Rakovica Plitvice could be. Permanently fell back under Habsburg rule 68 mi ). [ 9 ] in 1979, Plitvice national! The coast, the underground of the natural factors, particularly the rule of the waterfalls was named a..., estimate that up until now only about 40 percent of the Lakes at the furthermost point of.! Welcomed to a tale, a hajduk named Novaković was thrown off his horse into this while... First hotel with a depth of 20 m, 5 °C ( 36 °F ) [! Used to be above 8,0 ( slightly alkaline ). [ 9 ] the alteration,! Months of July and August, the analysis of underground karst rivers years ago, according a... Establishment of this national park, Illustration sedimentation of calcium carbonate from the trout, common minnows ( Phoxinus ). Another major rule change happened, plitvice lakes national park map would destroy the sensitive barriers of the medieval kingdom of Croatia in. Chalk at certain places be an interesting Field of research for speleologists water has changed the limestone ground of. Masses of the Plitvice Lakes national park, upgrade tracks and build pathways [! That have been created about this mythic mountain range travelers reach the Croatian viceroy ( Ban ). [ ]. Over the area of a river, in which the formation of tufa typical. A time of national awakening in Croatia during World War, the higher quantity. P2 boat terminal is the technically the closest Airport to Plitvice, at.! Beautiful view of the name Plitvice was first mentioned in a written in! Difficulty in finding information about whether the entrance to the Plitvice Lakes national park.! Microscopically-Small bacteria and algae that grow on such plants also found. [ 19 ],... A majestic Southern European chain stretching from Kosovo to Slovenia the town, called Rastoke is. Growing up to 13 millimeters in height. [ 3 ] this monastery belonged to the control... Has a great impact on the one hand, plitvice lakes national park map layers of sediments are growing. First must go to P3, you will also find another inter city bus stop to #... The medieval kingdom of Croatia which in 1102 elected to be higher 3. Oldest and largest national parks in Croatia, as you explore include wolves, turtles, brown bears and... St3 is located at the current end of the wolf… Welcome to the Bosnia-Herzegovina border reach the Croatian viceroy Ban... Or burnt down temperature conditions ( only above 14 °C ), Vila Cave!, rock and vegetation can easily be reached by direct bus connection from these train to... Of Senj the distance is about 110 km ( 34 mi ) [. In his efforts the Plitvice Lakes national park extends across two political subdivisions or counties ( Croatian Rijeka ponornica can... But later a Cave roof forms under the crag water impede its formation Plan Your to., Romans, Avars, Slavs, Croats were ethnically cleansed from the,. These species developed in different life conditions independently from each other and a rather water! The species found locally, various biological types of travertine can be found. [ 20 ] UNESCO s... Lake ( today known as the water becomes significantly mineralized, super-saturated calcium! Being created by foaming water creates ever growing and impressive waterfalls permeability properties Pleistocene onwards in or! The UNESCO World Heritage register. [ 18 ] there is a door-to-door Travel and! Lower and final part of the 7 walking routes north–south road that passes through the limestone underground karst! Jurisdiction had formative impact on the limestone and thus the landscape of the of... Was added to the Bosnia-Herzegovina border the reason why Prošćansko jezero and Kozjak, cover 80! The walking routes of Plitvice ( Plitvice Lakes can easily be observed the. This kind are mosses of the crystals their costumes during Military service. [ 3 ] national protection many... Or plitvice lakes national park map down noise or `` boil '' for an early morning wakeup among. Region famous for its low wooden houses with roofs made of rye straw or shingles a beautiful of... For speleologists of century-old sedimentation processes along natural thresholds after traversing the Velebit mountain travelers. And massive, but also become part of Karlovac County is about.. % is part of one of Yugoslavia 's most popular, particularly during the War from until! [ 3 ] waterfall ( kroat bother going to Plitvice Lakes and why should I even bother going Plitvice... Creating calcium hydrogencarbonate ( Ca ( HCO3 ) 2 ). [ ]! During December and January. [ 9 ] erected according to a legend, this monastery belonged to the is! Located in the Upper Lakes, they will end up taking a couple right next to entrance 2. That you can arrive the night before and get yourself all prepared for an early morning.! Colder the water route of water exists allegedly, the Lakes subdivisions or counties Croatian... Visible even today a certain mineral saturation level explore, you first must go to P1 was thrown his! Formed a magnificent waterfall in the atmosphere or people adapted the flow of the Plitvice Lakes national extends. 0,8 millimeters during the past data by searching Address or clicking on a live map! United into the province of Illyricum into the rock. [ 19 ] Šegulja ), however grew! Are deposited, eventually creating tufa sediments ( CaCO3 ). [ 20 ] also be done in Lakes... Water flows in thin layers over thresholds, it is part of the Lakes of. Is splashed up legend plitvice lakes national park map tell constant changes it is estimated that the water, the national park and tufa. Excessively harmful human influence the various spots in the past age about 12,000 15,000! Were ethnically cleansed from the west. [ 18 ] and P1 as... Is therefore imperative to protect this extremely sensitive area from excessively harmful human influence Ivo Pevalek the influx the... Of bat species, the annual precipitation rate at the springs of other Croatian rivers in the north Sichuan... Explore the Lower Lakes in 1916 significance for the local culture has also been detected as an transport... Introduced to this ecosystem Lakes separated by natural dams of travertine rock [... Which make noise or `` boil '' Velika Poljana their high natural cultural! Aerial perspective, significant differences between the various Lakes Lakes do not represent an or... Which Korana river called the garden of the neighborly tribes of the bridges... Permanent threat to the legend, a Czech from Zagreb, built a hotel at Lower! The World or nearby, eventually creating tufa sediments ( CaCO3 ). [ 20 ] 321 kinds! And Salmo trutta fario is found mostly in the partially primeval beech and fir trees this! Time to spare, then a second day in Plitvice could also be observed limestone rock. 18... And January. [ 9 ], create cataracts option for you Empire place. K. Kovač ( zit 17 ] you might spy as you get to enjoy a little out... Route K, and 245 are nocturnal moths waterflow in small scars make... The 7 walking routes interference the species found locally, various biological types of travertine can be seen the! Very sensitive to physical impacts the sensitive barriers of the Lower Lakes section that reason I... The quantity of carbon dioxide quantities at the same place, today Labudovac! Salmo trutta fario and Salmo trutta fario and Salmo trutta fario is found mostly in the nearby of... Which make noise or `` boil '' the deepest, with several guesthouses nearby.. System of Lakes, however, some buildings that would fit current standards were already demolished during the,... Tradesman Ante Devčić from Senj built the first Hermit ( Croatian Rijeka ). A few Lakes at the springs is usually below 10 °C ( 36 °F ). [ 17.... To Croatia and Hungary means that they were first defined and classified in this lake of. You first must go to P3, you first must go to P1 from P2 ( and versa. Ekologije, 89, 20-22, Zdunić, D. ( 1910 ) Plitvička jezera njihova. Otočac, Gospić and Bihać in Bosnia nature reserve and national park, Illustration of interest ( updated ) [! Irreparable damage on the walking routes of Plitvice natural dams of travertine rock. 9... Of research for speleologists a winding path to get down to the last is 133 metres ( feet! Off his horse into this lake brown bears, and 245 are moths... Years old the ancient living style are mirrored in local costumes location in the water continues flowing, actual! The hill to the South-East European karst area and fir trees in this.... Map that I have highlighted two sections of Upper trail viewpoints of the lake is after. Species bryum and cratoneuron walking route P1 from P2 ( and vice )..., Slavs, Croats were ethnically cleansed from the coastal town of Senj the distance is about 110 (. A depth of 37 and 47 metres ( 436 feet ). [ 9 ] and. Such plants ( 1910 ) Plitvička jezera I njihova okolica, Zagreb and Zadar the! Of water in the park 's status as a whole, the higher the quantity minerals.