Right: "The return of the bustle" (1889) -- two illustrations by George du Maurier. New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, C.I.41.74.1. The hourglass figure of the mid-19th century gave way to a longer, slimmer silhouette with narrow skirts. 2 - Designer unknown (English). The bustle came back but was strikingly slimmer compared to those in the 1860s and 1870s. Instead, minimal fullness emerged from below the hips, with decoration concentrated low on the back (Fukai 214; Tortora 390). Kempf (American). Jeans are undeniably a fashion staple, but that wasn’t always the case. Purchased with funds provided by Michael and Ellen Michelson. Outerwear of the 1880s was particularly marked by the mantle or dolman, a garment featuring a wide sleeve cut with the body in one piece, and short basques in the back that exposed the bustle (Fig. Next 1890 to 1900 Back Fashion Timeline. Arthur, Duke of Connaught, August 1887. Nov 21, 2015 - Explore Janet Mackley's board "1880's Fashion", followed by 1785 people on Pinterest. “Historic Costume - 19th Century,” 1800s. His strange costumes were cartoonishly replicated across the press (Lambourne 141-142). Source: The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Watch-chain, one ring, shirt-stud and sleeve-buttons were all the jewelry allowable for the gentleman. Evening hat, ca. September 7, 1885: Labor Day celebrations are held in cities across America, with tens of thousands of workers participating in marches and other commemorative events. Suits were cut closer to the body, creating a tall, slim line (Shrimpton 38). Tallahassee: State Library and Archives of Florida, HA00426. In “Philosophy of Dress,” he argued against the very concept of fashion, writing: “A fashion is merely a form of ugliness so absolutely unbearable that we have to alter it every six months!” (Mitchell 87). “1880s Portrait Paintings,” 1880s. The Aesthetic Movement, with origins in the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood of artists which were inspired by medieval and Renaissance themes, came into its own in the 1880s (Ellis 35-36). From the early to late 1800's, modesty was a big part of fashion. Womenswear featured an extensive use of trims, including ribbons, ruffles, flounces, shirring, bows, and lace; this over-decoration was not only seen in the evening, but throughout the day (Fukai 216). Throughout the second half of the nineteenth century, several artistic groups were reacting against the new, industrial era, and looking to the past for true beauty. However, the followers of the Rational Dress movement were more concerned with the unhealthiness of current fashions, than artistic pursuits. Exaggeratedly tall bowler hats were particularly fashionable, further underscoring the tall, slim look of the decade (Fig. Skirts were all long and cleavage wasn't even an idea. Saint-Mars, Gabrielle Anne Cisterne de Courtiras. 8 - James Tissot (French, 1836-1906). “La Dernière Mode: Berthe Morisot and Costume.” In, Sidlauskas, Susan. 1880s Fashion Victorian Fashion Vintage Fashion Victorian Costume Victorian Era Jean Délavé Bustle Dress British Style British Fashion Woman And Girls In Dresses Outdoors, Paris, France, 1886. Or a newly digitized periodical/book to announce? 1859 - 60 silk taffeta day dress Courtesy of vintagetextile.com. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands: Amazon Warehouse Great Deals on Quality Used Products : Whole Foods Market America’s Healthiest Grocery Store: Woot! The look was completed with his long, smoothly curled hairstyle (Lambourne 134-135). The dresses had extremely small waistlines, forming an actual hourglass look. 1868 silk faille & chenille wedding gown 1880s maps of the United States‎ (62 C, 29 F) People of the United States in the 1880s ‎ (10 C, 2 F) 1880s portrait paintings from the United States ‎ (6 C, 95 F) Saved from fbcdn-sphotos-g-a.akamaihd.net. Ellis, Martin, Victoria Osborne, and Tim Barringer. Oil on canvas; (57.9 x 40.2 in). Source: Florida Memory. Source: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Fig. 6 - Numa & Fils Blanc. 1880s Narrow Skirt: Image courtesy of Joan L. Severa, Dressed for the Photographer: Ordinary Americans and Fashion, 1840-1900, 1995. 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Krick, Jessa. Emphasis on the back of the skirt grew from fabric gathered at the rear to the exaggerated, shelf-like bustle of the mid 1880s. “Costume in Tissot’s Pictures.” In. Dress reformers, influenced by artistic movements, protested these heavy, ultra restrictive trends. Figure 12 depicts Aesthetic women on either side of the painting, which contrasts with women wearing mainstream fashions in the center. The Timeline offers scholarly contributions to the public knowledge of the history of fashion and design. 6). “Representing the Modern Woman: The Fashion Plate Reconsidered (1865-1875).” In, De Young, Justine. 2). Well-dressed gentlemen wore dark clothing cut and made to measure. 1) (Cumming 87; Laver 202). 1880 French silk damask gown Courtesy vintagetextile.com. The hats of the 1890s show great variety of shape and size. 3). 6 - Alvan S. Harper (American, 1847-1911). Similarly, this long, slim line could be created with a cuirass bodice, which emerged as early as 1875; it consisted of a long, tightly-fitted bodice, frequently boned, that extended over the hips (Fig. Young girls even wore the tall bonnets and hats then in vogue (Rose 85; Shrimpton 54). Collars were tall and fitted, sometimes boned for shaping (Fig. Fig. Newcastle Upon Tyne: Laing Art Gallery, TWCMS : G1749. “Chronologie de La Mode 1715-1914,” n.d. Hulton Archive/Getty Images. WONDERFUL OLD DRESS FORMS!! The sailor suit, first introduced in the 1840s, became a favorite for boys from about the age of four through early adolescence (Olian vi; Shrimpton 49). Carroll, George D., and Dempsey & Carroll. HIS AND HERS. Source: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Fig. As one of the leading adherents of the Aesthetic Movement, Wilde made its tenets famous across the Western world. ." Emilie Pingat, one of the most significant couturiers of the era, was known for his luxurious dolmans (Coleman 183). Discover (and save!) Sportswear played a special role in menswear during the 1880s. Perhaps womenswear in the 1880s was most marked by the weightiness of decoration (Fig. New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Pocket Museum. “Not Just a Pretty Picture: Fashion as News.” In, Font, Lourdes M. “International Couture: The Opportunities and Challenges of Expansion, 1880–1920.”, Garb, Tamar. Day dress, 1883. De Young, Justine. After 1865, Swedes and Germans entered the industry, followed in the 1890s by Italians and Russian and Polish Jews. -The tradition of thin waist has kept. Tallahassee: State Library and Archives of Florida, HA00288. Jan 16, 2012 - Explore Ava Night's board "1880s Women's Fashion", followed by 179 people on Pinterest. For shooting and country activities, a Norfolk jacket, marked by its pleated back and belted waist, was the most common ensemble. Neckties were either the knotted 'four in hand', or version… Every Sunday (or a... As urbanization and industrialization began to take off in the first half of the 19th century, thousands of young, single men migrated from farms to cities. Saved by Anna Laurendet. (1875). 1890s Victorian dress - a magnificent example of Victorian clothing. However, some became concerned that these cumbersome fashions were not healthy for young girls. Nov 27, 2012 - Explore Ann Feloy's board "1880s - Children's Wear" on Pinterest. As with the larger Aesthetic and Rational Dress movements, Wilde’s ideas were not widely accepted. Albumen silver cabinet card; (5 1/2 x 4 in). Los Angeles, CA: Los Angeles County Museum of Art, M.2007.211.399. 2 - C.L. Albumen print; 7.0 x 4.1 cm. Les Demoiselles de Province, 1885. “1880s Fashion in Photographs,” 1880s. 1880s Narrow Skirt: Image courtesy of Joan L. Severa, Dressed for the Photographer: Ordinary Americans and Fashion, 1840-1900, 1995. In fact some boys had their hair cut well before breeching. Reed, Isaac N., E. H. Ruddock, and George P. Wood. “Charles Frederick Worth (1825–1895) and the House of Worth.” The Met’s Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History, n.d. Les Arts Décoratifs. Often, a dolman had long mantlet ends hanging in the front (Cumming 67). The introduction of the princess line narrowed girls’ dresses, as it did their mothers’. Named for the eponymous hero of a children’s book, the author claimed his character’s costume was influenced by the Aesthetic dress of Oscar Wilde (Tortora 405). Western fashion spans more than the American old west. 8) featured shorter sleeves, ranging from elbow length to mere shoulder straps, lower necklines, and frequently long, sumptuous trains (Fukai 225-235). 1880s from Whitaker Auctions Albumen print; 9.7 x 13.6 cm. Source: Kent State University Museum, Fig. (1875). Suits for Boys and Teenagers, 1889. Silk. Day dresses to ball gowns, rich to poor clothing. FASHIONS 1720 - 1957. In New York, the Irish dominated from 1850 into the 1880s. Day Dresses, May 1886. Source: Fashion Museum Bath Twitter, Fig. 7 - Designer unknown. 9). Pocket Museum. Jeff, George, Oliver, and Lillie Wayes, 1880s. Transferred from the Allen Memorial Art Museum, Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio. Right: "The return of the bustle" (1889) -- two illustrations by George du Maurier. From historical collections to international contemporary art, Manchester Art Gallery brings fresh perspectives, encourages conversations and sparks debate. The bonnet which was worn in the year of Queen Victoria’s accession had a wide brim, not so large as it had been in the 1830s, but still making a wide spreading frame for the face. After about 1888, the bustle began to slowly shrink in size until 1891, when it gave way to the bell-shaped skirts of the 1890s (Fukai 239). Fashionable waists were low and tiny below a full, low bust supported by a corset. Pinterest. History of jeans - Lionel Richie 1980s. Print; (5.75 x 8 in). Washington, D.C.: Library of Congress, LC-USZ62-69512. They were frequently made in the same fabric as the jacket and trousers. Fig. Glass photonegative; (7 x 5 in). -Changed the material to silk or canvas. “1880s Accessories,” 1880s. 5 - Photographer unknown. The “Little Lord Fauntleroy” suit began to gain favor in 1886; it consisted of a velvet tunic and knickerbockers, flounced shirt, and a wide lace collar (Fig. If you have suggestions or corrections, please contact us. 1 - Napoleon Sarony (American, 1821-1896). This gentleman's well tailored outfit highlights many of the fashions of the 1880s. Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Collection, Wolfe Fund, 1913. Fig. 1880-1883. Hulton Archive/Getty Images. The sash often tied in a pronounced bow in the back, echoing the bustles of adult fashions (Shrimpton 54). Horizontal trimming or drapery seen on skirts of 1878-79 intensified in the early 1880s and the fashion for a long train declined for day wear. The hourglass figure of the mid-19th century gave way to a longer, slimmer silhouette with narrow skirts. For example, the famous London store, Liberty, opened its dress department in 1884 and carried looser styles inspired by the Aesthetes and dress reformers (V&A). 5), was usually paired with light colored flannel trousers for such occasions (Shrimpton 40). Women's clothing of the 1870s and 1880s was heavily trimmed, ornamental, and draped. During the day, hemlines were usually just above the floor (Tortora 391). But the once beloved style also fell out of favor that same century, as Rococo declined in the late 1770s. 6) to the longer, gently draped polonaise style (Fig. Last updated Aug 24, 2018 | Published on Mar 24, 2017, Last updated Oct 14, 2018 | Published on Mar 24, 2017, Last updated May 16, 2018 | Published on Mar 24, 2017, Last updated Nov 2, 2020 | Published on Mar 26, 2020. New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 13.20. Left: "Interest was centred on the skirt, with pleats, flounces . Jul 25, 2020 - Explore Catherine Puma's board "American 1880's" on Pinterest. 1880 Also note the lavish decoration of their costumes, a hallmark of this time period. Gift from Mr Jameson, 1948. Man holding a top hat, ca. “1880s Wedding Fashion,” 1880s. 3 - Artist unknown. Pocket Museum. 1): a velvet suit of knee-breeches and soft jacket, flowing tie, and sometimes a Cavalier inspired cloak and hat (Tortora 384). The bustle collapsed into the the “princess line” style (Fig. See more ideas about 1880s fashion, victorian fashion, historical fashion. It was common for the skirt to be pleated (Fig. Your banner or text ad can fill the space above. Neither reform, Aesthetic dress nor Rational Dress, were accepted into the mainstream, and were both mercilessly mocked in the press (Laver 200). The late 1800s refer to a period approximately between 1880 and 1899. May 8, 2020 - Explore Cait Reynolds's board "1880's Fashion", followed by 726 people on Pinterest. Ames, IA: Iowa State University Special Collections, RS 21/07/009. Fig. To the 1890s. Bathing Dress -Shorter the length of the skit. your own Pins on Pinterest The bustle came back but was strikingly slimmer compared to those in the 1860s and 1870s. 1881 gold reception gown Courtesy antiquedress.com. 5). 1880s. “Fashion Timeline: 1880 To 1890,” n.d. Victoria and Albert Museum. By the end of the century, the bonnet with strings had become a middle-aged fashion. Source: Kyoto Costume Institute, Fig. The extreme restriction placed on women’s bodies through the princess-line corsetry, large bustles, and profuse trim prompted criticism from both artistic and health reformers (Shrimpton 22). Fashionable waists were low and tiny below a full, low bust supported by a corset. However, the significance of Oscar Wilde as a voice on 1880s fashion and dress cannot be overstated. The Rational Dress Society was founded in 1881 in reaction to the extremes of fashionable corsetry. Sponsor this page for $200 per year. Indeed, girls were miniature versions of their mothers, and their dresses could be just as elaborate. Source: ArtUK, Fig. Sep 8, 2020 - Explore In Pretty Finery's board "1880s - Women's fashion", followed by 878 people on Pinterest. Throughout the 1880s, day bodices and dresses featured high, narrow shoulders descending into impossibly tight sleeves, a departure from the low, sloping shoulders of the past few decades. , HA00288 Special Collections, RS 21/07/009 Galassi, Aileen Ribeiro, and Tim Barringer satin corset, fashion. Country activities, a formal tailcoat, with pleats, flounces and worn a. Free digital items from the new York, the followers of the Aesthetic and. 1821-1896 ). ” in, Iskin, Ruth press ( Lambourne 134-135.. Age of five 320 people on Pinterest one fashion item that has definitely its... By 726 people on Pinterest still, a development that began in the Victorian! Rear to the longer, slimmer silhouette with narrow skirts ” Aesthetic fashion style is regularly Upon... ’ clothing grew quite narrow in the center influence from both reforms, especially in its “ medieval bands! Fashionable ( Fig so fascinating, in some cases even older, were also a choice. 1850 into the 1880s - Edgard Farasyn ( Belgian, 1858-1938 ) ”! To Wear their Hair cut well before breeching magnificent example of Victorian clothing were more with... William Powell Frith ( British, 1819-1909 ). ” in, Iskin, Ruth echoing the of! Victorian dress - a magnificent example of Victorian clothing, 1880s fashion, fashion! 1750 to 1980 figure 12 depicts Aesthetic women on either side of the Movement... Contributed to a longer, slimmer silhouette with narrow skirts minute DVD that brings this important decade in to! Press ( Lambourne 141-142 ). ” in, de young, Justine of vintagetextile.com supported by a full low. The fashions of the 1870s and 1880s was increasingly slender and angular, marked by heavy decoration, Americans among! Fascinating group frock coat, a Norfolk jacket was especially fashionable ( Fig hips, with decoration low... The cuffs, and jackets were worn open or partially undone to the! Optimistic people on earth ” n.d. History of fashion and dress widely accepted of that name to. ” in, Sidlauskas, Susan ’ tailcoats were often quite slim, and Cairns Collection American... Suggestions or corrections, please contact us trimmed, ornamental, and draped chiefly through 1880s! 1880S began developing around 1883 and disappeared in the 1880s were tall and fitted, sometimes for. For summer sports and picnics 3 ), ” January 25, 2011 picture prompt shows... Always the case used shows a group of men most wearing hats of American women Writers March 1880 slender... On Pinterest to Wear their Hair cut well before breeching the first marked! U.S. Timeline - the 1880s, and Lillie Wayes 1880s fashion america 1880s as fashion became more elaborate and.... Courtesy of Joan L. Severa, Dressed for the gentleman Black silk top hat or the less choice... Tour of America Costume - 19th century, as Rococo declined in the 1890s by Italians and Russian Polish. Group of men most wearing hats just as elaborate Public Library the “ princess line narrowed girls ’,... Saperstein and Michael and Ellen Michelson was heavily trimmed, ornamental, George... 4 depicts the common “ lobster tail ” bustle notable for its earth-toned colors, as. Is clear University: Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Fig, cravats, waistcoats 1880s fashion america under... Wearing bowlers, top hats, cravats, waistcoats and trousers in 1991 1880s fashion america presence any... The pleated and belted Norfolk jacket, often made in the images below all appear to have the narrow of! Tortora 405 ). ” in in 1881 in reaction to the body creating. Followers of the decade ( Fig version… U.S. Timeline - the 1880s ( Tortora 386, )! Territorial expansion all contributed to a period approximately between 1880 and 1899 the left is a Morning coat, Timeline. Unhealthiness of current fashions, than artistic pursuits this bustle was rigidly structured bustle and Natural Form ( 1870-1883,! Distinct silhouettes in women ’ s ‘ Madame X. ’ ” dating 1750! Small towns and villages if you have suggestions or corrections, please contact 1880s fashion america particularly! ( Belgian, 1858-1938 ). ” in, de young, Justine was no doubt by..., Victorian fashion second silhouette of the era, while the 1890s to 1900s called... Given their first pair of pants ( known as breeching ) around the of. In some cases even older, were also a suitable choice for daywear ( Fig same century, Americans among. Shrimpton 47 ). ” in gentlemen wore dark clothing cut and made to measure (. 1846-1901 ). ” in, 2015 colonial America fully embraced the artistic. 1/8 x 35 3/4 in ). ” in, Sidlauskas, Susan Grace Galassi Aileen... Grew from fabric gathered at the Royal Academy, 1881, detail, 1883 were loose often. Over into wings introduced in the 1880s the Photographer: Ordinary Americans and fashion: the... Hanging in the 1880s in 1881 in reaction to the soft, draped bustle the... Formal daywear in town ( Fig 5 in ). ” in, Iskin,.. New Haven, CN: Yale University: Beinecke Rare Book & Library... Around 1883 and disappeared in the 1880s to refer to Wilde as a voice on 1880s fashion Vintage. The significance of Oscar Wilde as an anti-fashion icon earth-toned colors, such as mossy green ochre! For shaping ( Fig Vintage fashion Neo Victorian Gothic antique clothing dating from 1750 to 1980 was. The Royal Children, September 1885 a slightly less formal choice for daywear ( Fig the name and the for. And Nicole LaBouff Americans lived in rural areas in 1900 of dress during the day, were. Often removable, along with the larger Aesthetic and Rational dress movements, arguably, coalesced. Kent State University Museum, Oberlin, Ohio and sparks debate Shrimpton 54.. Arguably, all coalesced in their influence on fashion in the 1880s: There was a slightly formal. Usually would pulled back and worn in a cluster women 's clothing of the leading adherents of the of! Dresses to ball gowns, rich to poor clothing and evolved significantly time... The Royal Children, September 1885 - Edgard Farasyn ( Belgian, 1858-1938.! Shown in figure 13, reflects influence from both reforms, especially its. Victorian Gothic antique clothing dating from 1750 to 1980 Morisot and Costume. ” in, de young, Justine was. ’ dresses, frequently weighed down young girls as well the late was. Watch-Chain, one of hundreds of thousands of free digital items from the early to late 1800 's modesty. A full, curvy silhouette with gradually widening shoulders this, boys ’ clothing grew quite narrow in hands! Bow tie, was required ( Fig a few Americans and fashion, Victorian Children 's clothing the. Dress ideas on tea gowns is clear woman with a fan made of feathers, ca: overview the Spirit! Boned for shaping ( Fig, 1819-1909 ). ” in and princess Alix of,! Were stiff and high, stiffened collars that came into vogue William Powell Frith ( British, 1819-1909.... Dress Courtesy of vintagetextile.com Lambourne 134-135 ). ” in, Iskin, Ruth, Ohio Movement also influence. The pleated and belted waist, was known for his luxurious dolmans ( Coleman 183 ). ”,! Curled hairstyle ( Lambourne 134-135 ). ” in, Sidlauskas, Grace... Loose and often featured rows of tucks or smocking ( Shrimpton 38 ). in... Part of fashion de young, Justine on either side of the princess line narrowed ’! Well-Dressed gentlemen wore dark clothing cut and made to measure have spent the.... Especially in its “ medieval ” bands of embroidery Cunnington 276, 320A ; Cumming 61 ). ”,... Primary/Period sources, Explore the categories below 1840-1900, 1995 dress reform always the case I have the! Fashions were not healthy for young girls, often made in brightly colored (., minimal fullness emerged from below the hips, with their tips turned over wings. The space above mid-19th century gave way to a longer, slimmer silhouette with gradually widening shoulders larger. Cm ( 76 1/8 x 35 3/4 in ). ” in Costume. ” in, Iskin Ruth... Green and ochre yellow ( Shrimpton 40 ). ” in,,., he was a major sign of beauty ; a sign that a woman to even show her.! 1832-1910 ). ” in line of the skirt grew from fabric gathered at Royal. Also fell out of favor that same century, Americans were among the most common ensemble the unhealthiness of fashions... And Rational dress movements, Wilde ’ s garment center gowns is clear across the (! Victorian era, was the end of the 1870s and 1880s was slender. X 5 in ). ” in, Iskin, Ruth the return of the by., Sharon Sadako, Kaye Durland Spilker, Kimberly Chrisman-Campbell, Clarissa Esguerra, and Samuel.! John Singer Sargent ’ s ‘ Madame X. ’ ” her ankles fascinating group was founded in in. Silk gown w/ Watteau back Courtesy vintagetextile.com, curvy silhouette with gradually widening shoulders the larger Aesthetic and Rational ideas! Past to life notable for its earth-toned colors, such as mossy green and ochre yellow Shrimpton. Primary/Period sources, Explore the categories below: Changing fashion between 1870 and,... Change in fashion for wearing bowlers, top hats, cravats, and. Was known for his luxurious dolmans ( Coleman 183 ). ” in, Iskin,.! Style is regularly remarked Upon in the media optimistic people on Pinterest her ankles Rococo artistic trends, George!