Frost hardy....Read more, Favorite late yellow freestone. Plant near natural pools, rock waterfalls and fountains for a remarkably refreshing effect. Choosing a location: The Redbud tree (or \"Judas tree\") is a lovely harbinger of spring and has been referred to as a breath of fresh air after a long winter. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. As the plant grows, the...Read more, The "sprouts" (small heads that resemble miniature cabbages) are produced in the leaf axils,...Read more, Large, purple-red fruit with delicious, tangy flavor. It simply needs full sun and...Read more, Grows well in tropical and sub tropical climates and will reach a height of over 2’. It is very … Plant early spring for summer...Read more, Cauliflower is identified by its edible, rounded mass of curds. High quality yellow freestone. Crisp, bell-...Read more, Juicy, sweet, mild flavored fruit is crisp like an apple.  It has a broad, somewhat flattened, rounded canopy. Highly valued as a … The splendid purple-pink flowers appear all over the tree in spring, just before the leaves emerge. 'Blue Ice' grows in a compact columnar form with a rich silver-blue /...Read more, A native evergreen tree from central Arizona. Delicious either...Read more, A Southwestern-style traditional Anaheim chili pepper. Likes hot days. This yucca forms irregular rising stems, usually 1 to 3 per...Read more, Native to southeastern U.S., northern Mexico. They prefer full sun and a well drained soil. The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center has Mexican redbud on the list of plants for the fall sale, which will be October 9-10 with a members-only sale on the afternoon of October 8. … The vines grow to about 3 feet and...Read more, Plant produces heavy yields of large round red tomatoes all season long. Choosing plants that grow and thrive in your particular climate is the very first step toward having a beautiful garden . Hedges of Tuscan...Read more, Evergreen shrub for a hot, sunny spot. Leaves are dark green, alternate, simple,...Read more, A native to China.  Often...Read more, A native to Arizona, Texas, and Mexico. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. Smooth red 16 oz fruits with excellent flavor are great...Read more, Tangy, colorful leaves and stems are an excellent cooked vegetable for summer and a tremendous...Read more, Leafy green vegetable that grows best in cool weather. Cold Hardy Avocado– Ideal for bearing fruit for delicious, edible profits, color, and adapt… For first time tree planters, the Redbud Tree offers a quick reward, as its early blossoms will quickly delight the neighborhood. Blend into sweeping dryland landscapes for seasonal change. An extremely vigorous, deciduous, woody-stemmed, climbing vine.  Common name refers to tightly coiled seed pods. Moderate growing, small tree; reaches 12 to 20 ft. tall and. Produces a large, tasty nut. Grow Mexican olive in full sun where it may reach 25ft. Standard Redbud Trees, like the Eastern Redbud and the Oklahoma Redbud, grow fairly fast with growth rates from 1 to 2 feet per year. Redbud Mexican. It is a reliable plant with red...Read more, Medium to large, Flattened globe fruit unusual for the deep purple/red hue, and is full of...Read more, Mid to early very popular varity for our area with good taste. 1" to 3...Read more, Native to Argentina. A clumping perennial with saw-toothed, light green, grassy leaves. Grows in the high mountains. Native to eastern U.S., the Eastern Redbud Tree prefers full sun and partial shade exposures with low to moderate water use once established. Best with light shade in hot southwestern deserts. A large desert shrub with long, grooved, spiny...Read more, Native to arid parts of North America. Cercis canadensis Mexicana and over 1000 other quality seeds for sale. Large, firm,...Read more, World's most widely planted peach.  ...Read more, Native to Russia, Afghanistan and Pakistan. It is a soft, hairless plant...Read more, Like all mint plants, chocolate mint is a rapid-growing herb that requires minimal care. The leaves make the redbud a very attractive landscape plant for the summer season. The leaves of the Mexican White Oak (Quercus Polymorpha) appear in a whirl pattern and give the appearance of year-round green flowers. The...Read more, Native to southern Europe and North Africa to southwestern Asia. Easily recognized by it's subtle rings or bands of...Read more, native to Eastern Bolivia and Argentina.Read more, Native to Peru.  An open branching tree, giving slight shade. Used for deserts, cooking or cider...Read more, Native to the SW USA, the Globe Willow is a drought-tolerant willow cultivar that gets its name...Read more, Bold and showy, mandevilla definitely makes a dramatic statement in landscapes and container...Read more, Native to tropical regions of...Read more, Noted for its rapid growth and slender shape, the Leyland cypress has found wide popularity over...Read more, Primrose jasmine is a rambling, open evergreen shrub with long, slender, arching stems that will...Read more, Native to China. Summer Savory grows up to 18...Read more, Common garden mint widely used for culinary purposes. Self-fruitful in most climates...Read more, Medium to very large, mahogany to purple exterior color.  Some forms are upright,...Read more, A native from Mexico. The Mexican redbud (Cercis canadensis mexicana) has small fuzzy leaves with wavy margins. Your climate may be too cold for this plant, SIGN-UP FOR DESIGN INSPIRATION AND UPDATES ON NEW PLANTS, 817 E. MONROVIA PLACEAZUSA, CALIFORNIA 91702-1385, LEGACY OUR STORY NURSERY LOCATIONS SUSTAINABILITY PRESS CAREERS INTERNSHIPS, FIND A MONROVIA PROFESSIONAL BECOME A MONROVIA PRO, CONTACT US FAQs RETURN POLICY SHIPPING INFO HOW TO ORDER ONLINE. A large shrub or small tree…  Leaves are alternate...Read more, Pyramidal in youth, developing with age a large, open, wide spreading canopy with massive...Read more, Native to southwestern U.S. and Mexico.  Leaves are dark green,...Read more, Native of Eurpoe.  The largest and oldest juniper in the southwest, it has...Read more, 'Sunburst' is smaller in stature than the common Honey Locust.  The flowers are a striking feature in early spring. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser.  Tall evergreen shrub or tree with irregular...Read more, A medium sized tree, usually branching low with a spreading, open canopy. What makes the redbud so special is its gift of spring color and its hardy adaptability. The leaves have the scent...Read more, Consists of purplish, square stems and oblong purplish leaves with pointed tips, distinct veins...Read more, Orange mint has green, branching stems tinged with red that reach 2 feet high. Use fresh or cooked....Read more, World's most popular pear. Prefers well-drained, light soil but fairly adaptable. Excellent for small gardens or containers. Full...Read more, Heirloom tomato suited for warm climates large pink flavorful fruit.  Open irregular crown of many short ascending branches. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Tomatoes are juicy,...Read more, Popular with home gardeners because of its early fruit ripening. Plants will grow 3’ high with 3” long...Read more, The fruits are 6” by 1 ½” tapered, yellow turning to red and waxy.  Broadly pyramidal, dense, irregular shape with spreading often pendulous...Read more, Native to southern Europe and Turkey.  ...Read more, A native to southwestern U.S., Texas, and Mexico. Plumes are masses of tall, delicate,...Read more, Native to Argentina. This form is more sun and drought tolerant. Rounded pads are blue-gray with a tinge of...Read more, Native to the Americas. Small to medium fruit with...Read more, Large, old-time red-striped apple with classic apple flavor. Kale leaves can be used at...Read more, Winter and summer savory both have aromatic gray-green leaves and bear loose spikes of pink,...Read more, Thyme is a highly aromatic herb which grows especially well in somewhat dry, sunny conditions....Read more, Tender shoots and leaves with peppery, anise-like flavor and a hint of vanilla. Royal Empress Trees– Ideal for providing fast-growing shade, year-round beauty, and drought resistance. The lemon verbena herb is an aromatic shrub, its...Read more, The plant is noted by its citrus scent when broken, and showy purple blooms that attract bees...Read more, Grows in clumps and spreads vegetatively as well as by seed Lemon balm grown outdoors prefers...Read more, Native to Greece and Turkey and grows throughout the Mediterranean to central Asia. Grafted. Easy to grow, heavy...Read more, Large, short necked, firm. Often used...Read more, Parsley has multiple sprigs of curling, divided leaves that grow into a mound of greenery. © 2020 MONROVIA NURSERY COMPANY. Your climate might be too cold for this plant: Once established, water occasionally; more often in extreme heat. One of the first trees to flower in the early spring, it is relatively trouble-free and with lovely foliage that turns a golden shade in fall. Leaves are five 6" leaflets...Read more, Native to the eastern U.S.  A deciduous, woody-stemmed climber with arial rootlets that attach...Read more, An evergreen, woody-stemmed, climbing vine or ground cover. Medium to large...Read more, Taste test winner. #2. The dwarf Rising Sun Redbud, despite its smaller stature, maintains the rapid growth rate of its parent tree, the Eastern Redbud…  ...Read more, Small, shrubby, rounded tree with ascending, spreading branches.  Dark purple leaves, alternate...Read more, Native to the mountain slopes in the far north Trans-Pecos, north to Colorado, and west to...Read more, Native to Japan.  Furrowed...Read more, A native to the central and eastern U.S.  Leaves are shiny yellow-green above, whitish...Read more, A native to eastern North America. tall and nearly the same size in diameter. Tumbler tomatoes are “Determinate” meaning:...Read more, Meaty tennis ball sized fruit, lemon yellow with sweet flavor and easy to grow. Classic, rich, peach flavor.  Use fresh, canned, or cooked. wide. It has lax, tapering spikes of flowers...Read more, Native to southern Europe and northern Africa and commonly cultivated in Europe and the U.S.....Read more, Plant is a pine-scented rosemary with fine leaves and tiny pale blue flowers.